Donations Policy

We donate some money to some no-profit foundations for each purchase made from a list of selected items.
If the item description doesn't explicitly mention the amount and the receiver of the donation, it means that no donation will be made for the purchase of that item.

The donation amount is usually indicated as a percentage of the tax (e.g. VAT or sales tax) excluded price. The donation is calculated on the price that is actually paid considering all applied discounts.

e.g. If the discounted item price is € 29.99 (including VAT), VAT rate is 22% and donation is 10%, the actual donation amount will be € 2.45.

The donation will not be carried out if the customer obtains a refund or a charge-back.

For accounting reasons and to correctly handle charge-backs, the donation will not be carried out immediately after each purchase. Multiple donations will be bundled and sent in bulk 6 to 12 months after the date of purchase.